Any yard work performed with the promise of oral sex as compensation
Joe: "How much did you earn doing yard work today son"
Billy: "Only $20, but I was orally abused by the lady in the house down at the end of the street."
Joe: "Ah, nothing like the summer mow-job"
by samweis August 23, 2011
Top Definition
n, v: MOE-JOB : the act of oral sex on a woman. analogous to the male 'blowjob'
one who excels at mowjobs may be considered a cunning linguist
by the green boglin August 27, 2008
when you trim your pubes with a lawnmower
i gave my wife a mowjob the other day. she died
by bill dole August 01, 2007
1. The grooming of bodily hair using an electric shaver or shears.

2. Providing the service of mowing lawns. Most commonly performed by teenagers as a summertime occupation.
1. Man, my chest hair is out of control. Ever since I went through puberty, I've had to give myself a mow job every week.

2. Teenager 1: You gonna work any ths summer
Teenager 2: Yeah, I thought I'd make some money giving mow jobs to people around the neighborhood.
by P. France May 04, 2008
shaving one's pubic hair with a lawn mower or refers to the mowing of one's lawn
brian graves gave his mother a mow job
by ccabr4L August 03, 2007
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