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an expression saying its impossible to move mountains
in ushers song moving mountains its impossible to fix their relationship
by justin kt July 30, 2008
The method of rubbing ones penis in between a girls breasts while she squeezes them together.

Preferably done while lubed / in the shower all soaped up.
Me and my girl took a shower together and she let me preform moving mountains!
by horny love December 07, 2009
Some one so fat they look like a huge mountain. When they run, the ground usually shakes.Moving mountains are loners, who usually smell bad
Person 1: What the hell is that noise?
Person 2: Shit its Moving Mountain, get the fuck out out of here!
by *Starfall* February 09, 2006
i have no clue..i wanted to know the definition!!
weird uRsher song that i don't understand.

But I keep climbing and hoping things would change
And the sky turns gray, and the water from the rain washes progress away.
It's like moving mountains...
It's like moving mountains...
by Alex...BOY June 28, 2008
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