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When you grab someones head and violently fuck their mouth.
I was givin her a bit of mouth rape but then she gagged and vomited everywhere
by Ben_ March 07, 2007
When someone without invitation and against your will performs a full-on-tongues-n-all kiss on you but you are either too surprised/drunk/polite to push them away. The result of which is that you have effectively 'snogged' that person despite never having had any desire to do so.
Eurgh! I was just chatting to that freaky boy with the mono-brow last night when he mouth raped me. I was so shocked I didn't know what to do and before I knew it we'd already snogged.
by Louse January 31, 2006
The act of placing one's finger into the mouth of a yawning victim.

This MUST be done when the mouth is open at its widest, to get the ultimate effect and the least chance of them biting your finger off. This must be a quick "in" "out" motion whilst the perp shouts "MOUTH RAPE". This leaves the victim feeling unsatisfied, violated and unable to finish their yawn.

Indikah: "Im sleepy" <-----YAWN's

Laura: See's opportunity and moves in


Indikah looks on in shock feeling violated.
by Ragoshi June 29, 2012
when a person forces another person to kiss them or a "rape" by "mouth"
"I can't believe that guy i went out with yesterday mouth raped me yuck"
by johnnnny68 July 10, 2008
The act of inserting your tongue into a person's mouth without giving them any warning.
*splurch* *smooch* *splip*
Girl: You totally just mouthraped me!!!
Boy: Yep. 8D
by This is my pseudonym. March 15, 2009
When someone kisses you without consent or invitation.
Ewww gross...did you see that? Too tight pants, Sr. just mouth raped me!
by ellis292 October 18, 2007
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