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The act of placing one's finger into the mouth of a yawning victim.

This MUST be done when the mouth is open at its widest, to get the ultimate effect and the least chance of them biting your finger off. This must be a quick "in" "out" motion whilst the perp shouts "MOUTH RAPE". This leaves the victim feeling unsatisfied, violated and unable to finish their yawn.

Indikah: "Im sleepy" <-----YAWN's

Laura: See's opportunity and moves in


Indikah looks on in shock feeling violated.
by Ragoshi June 29, 2012
To feel hungry.

To feel as though you could snack on something.
"we were both feeling a bit pecky and there was nothing to eat".

Indikah: "Are you hungry"

Laura: "I am a bit pecky"

Indikah: "Shall we eat?"
by Ragoshi June 29, 2012

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