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A guy whose muscles, due to a lack of sports are reduced to lifting and shifting the mouse on their desktop. A lot of these people who take part in voluntary atrophy can be found in IT-businesses.A mouselifter sits in fornt of his computer all day instead of popping into a gym every once and while.Instead of heavylifting and bench-pressing, some mouselifters claim to have recently found the ultimate way of working out: The Wii...sorry but that pussy-device is fucking ridculous. Move your butt to the nearest gym and grab some weights!
cool guy: Yo homie so what's your bench-press max?
mouselifter: ahhh well you know...i really have no time for and the new GTA Vice City keep me way too busy.
cool guy: Oh yea, so you're the mouselifter kinda guy.
by Andre_1989 October 05, 2007

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