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The most boring college town in Michigan. Known to contain many sluts and whores alike. If visiting Mount Pleasant Michigan be sure to avoid The Wayside at all costs!! More commonly known as the wayho.
guy1: Yo, man, where do you go to college?
guy2: Central Michigan University, in Mount Pleasant.
guy1: FUCK YEA! Dude, lets hit up Wayside!
guy2: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
by Collegeisntthatgreat February 27, 2012
6 10
the smallest kick ass town in north carolina!!!
by dflsakjfa;lkjf April 11, 2009
25 21
the coolest small town in texas and other states have one but so far texas has the coolest "mount pleasant"
mount pleasant texas 75455
by blancaegarcia October 08, 2008
15 24