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the biggest mountain in the world, located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Fatter and heavier than any other moutain.
Holy crap, have you seen mount weber?? its fucking huge!!
by Monty Burns April 06, 2004
Located in Burlington, Ontario Canada this is one massive mountain. It is not that tall but don't let that fool you, it pretty damn big. Famous for eating and vomiting erasers. If you plan on visiting Mt. weber, prepare for severe sweating and a vile smell.
My god! Mount Weber is about to erupt! ......and what is that smell?
by Monty April 15, 2004
Fattest thing ever!!! It only shows itself when noone is expecting it.
I saw mount weber 6 times today, it just kept getting bigger and bigger!!!
by Yao Ming April 07, 2004
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