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Giant, sagging, wobbly, stretch-marked breasts that are so big you'd need a ready supply of oxygen to conquer them. Usually the only "attractive" feature a man can find on a grossly overweight woman, even when drunk as hell.
guy 1: "I was so tit-faced last night"
guy 2: "yeah, I could tell, you were in and about that fatty all night"
guy 1: "oh jesus, now I remember, did I try to conquer her mount everbreasts?"
guy 2: "you had to be revived by paramedics mate"
guy 1: "Sir Edmund would be ashamed"
by Mirrorrim August 14, 2007
boobs so humongously large that any man who sets eyes on them instantly dies for blood rushing to his penis.
32F-ZZ they are mount everbreast
by Alias3927 October 27, 2008
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