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Expression of distress or boredom.
Amanda: Sorry, I can't go to the mall with you today.
Katie: Mouuuuuu....
by Mimblewimble October 08, 2006
Memorandum Of Understanding
The MOU of this meeting will be signed at the closure and will published on the official site of the company
by Balta July 26, 2009
The most awesomly awesome person there is. Funny, charming, a little arrogant, just a little selfish, party crazy, a LOT OF fun, very friendly and lovable and cute. <3
Teacher says: there is no mou-ing allowed in this room! It is distracting.
by moumo February 08, 2010
The shortened form of the name Moustafa.
Hey Mous, what's up?

Nothin much Maria.
by Moustafa June 17, 2006
Affectionate name for a mother.
Mother Of U. Mooshy mou, mou mou bear etc.
by mtwini09 April 13, 2011
Microsoft Office User Specialist
hey Breh wats poppin? Wat went down dizzle in MOUS today?
Nutin much homeboy, just learned about text boxes
by Mr. Jizzo March 31, 2009
1) Something a cow says when it's producing milk.
2) A random phrase that a 'BombermanX' would say.
BombermanX said "mou!"
Cow: MOU!
by BombermanX October 26, 2004
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