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n; One who motorboats --
n; Term applied to one who puts there head in between a females breast, moves there head side to side makeing a motor boat sound.
I was one motorboatin son of a bitch last night.

Did you see the rack on that girl that I was motorboatin?

I was motorboatin that hot stripper last night.
by autumn festival August 17, 2007
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1. one who enjoys motorboating frequently

2. john wilks booth!
1. man he is a motorboatin son of a bitch on carolanne all the time
by riceninja69 June 16, 2009
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n; One who motorboats -- and is also a son of a bitch.
n; Term applied to one who has had a sexual episode whilst intoxicated -- usually followed by high fives and busting of chops.
Person 1: Yeah so I was totally nailin that girl last night! Cool.
Person 2: I bet you were, you motorboatin son of a bitch!

Hey did you hear about Seamus? He got with that girl Kerri -- what a motorboatin son of a bitch huh?!
by Jimmy the Geek October 16, 2006
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