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a true dime this girls it and a bit bodys on fire pesonality to adimire be jelouse girls no one can top this chick eva!!!
carolanne you so fine can u drop me off at work tomorrow
by shizmaya September 01, 2008
A quiet, sweet and caring girl. Usually very intelligent. She cares more about others than herself. She is very well liked, although she may not know it. She has a personality that is quite uncommon. Carolanne often makes jokes, and loves to laugh. Carolanne is not very popular, but the few close friends she does have are all she needs. She is a very hard-working girl. Carolanne will steal your heart, so if you ever find yourself being in a relationship or being friends with a Carolanne, don't let her go. Carolanne will bring great joy and happiness into your life.
Your name must be Carolanne 'cause dayyyyym girl you is the shit.
by SecretPerson000000001 December 19, 2012

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