The person who posted before me is an idiot. Motocross is NOT about the "hott guys". It's a helluva lot more than that. I've been racing dirtbikes for about 6 years now. I'm 14. It takes more than guts and determination to get on one and race it. You have to build up your muscules for years just to have enough stamina to finish a race. It is one of the most physically demanding sports out there. I'm the only girl that I know of that races dirtbikes. Not one of my friends know how to even start one. So don't try to tell me that it's just about the "hott guys". I'd like to see you ride one.
Someday you'll see what I mean.
by from_autumn_to_ashes January 19, 2004
the greatest and toughest sport in the world. motocross is a sport for real men and thin lean sexy women. a sport that is done by BRAVE people as it is very dangerous. while real men and the nice ladies race motocross other little boys play soccer,hockey or!
Joe:hey bud i just got my badass 250 ready to race, you wanna come ride?
billy:ummmm.... not really, i am too girly to even try that scary sport.
Joe:yeah you do look a bit more pussy than normal
billy:no i always really look like that. i am going to go play baseball then mabey hockey.
Joe: alright see ya later, by the way once you grow some balls then come try motocross
billy:bye bye
by 250 racer January 16, 2007
The act of jumping on dat pussy and tearing it up like a Motocross racer tears up the track.
Mike: Hey Jim you and Sarah have a good date? Jim: Bro, I motocrossed that bitch
by dudewithout February 06, 2015
An alternative motorsport for short guys and rednecks who continue to wear flat billed hats, monster energy drink apparel, and fake diamond earrings well into their 30's.

Participants and fans routinely claim motocross is the most physically demanding sport in the world despite the lack of any objective evidence supporting the claim.

Events are usually centered around binge drinking shitty beer, getting a little too racist, and hot girls who are usually hired by the respective energy drink sponsor to flirt with the fans, often consisting of guys who would have partied wayyy too hard at community college had they gotten in.

Motocross fans are culturally akin to fans of professional wrestling; quick to find ways to justify their enjoyment of the motorsport by: (1) drunkenly spouting out baseless claims relating to the physically demanding nature of motocross, (2) trying to convince you to go to a race by harping on the entertainment value of the event, or (3) bringing up nostalgic motocross memories from their childhood. Which when described to you may reveal more about their personal character than you wished to know.
MX Bro: Bro, the best athletes in the world bro... **takes long drag of menthol cigarette** are motocross riders, bro.
Reasonable Friend: That's a highly questionable claim given the overwhelming number of Caucasian participants.
by nemodat March 19, 2015
a real mans sport and its not just pussy ass offroading its jumps whoops berms tabletoops and kickass holeshots
mx is a real mans sport and umm ya mx chicks r hot
by mx69 November 26, 2004
One of if not the most addicting sports in the world..... I raced for 1 year and 4 years later I became the U.S. First place triple crown champion in supercross, i was won and became the fastest rider in the United States. But you have to know when to quit. I broke 16 bones and have had 18 concusions. You start to lose your sence after the 5th one thats why i didn't stop.
Try motocross but don't get adicited to adreniline it happend to me and a lot of my friends
by The old king April 13, 2005

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