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1) The best online game ever. In this game you are given a Mining Pod and you dig for minerals on mars.

In this game you can get various upgrades such as a bigger fuel tank, a better Drill, a better Radiator, etc. You can also buy dynamite, C4, excess fuel tanks, etc.

You can play this game at Xgenstudios

2) A large quantity of something such as money.
1) Me: Have you played Motherload?

*one minute second later someone finds the loser with a kife jammed in back*

2) I hit the motherload in Vegas!!!
by Grade-A April 06, 2005
jackpot, big winnings or big findings
Today I went to an abandoned warehouse and boy did I hit the motherload. There was free stuff everywhere worth thousands of dollars.
by Anonymous May 23, 2003
The specific load of sperm that results in impregnation, and the female becoming a mother, hence "Mother Load". If a woman has had sex more than once during her fertile period, it will be difficult to know exactly which load was the mother load.
I only had sex with her once so I knew the load I busted in her that night was the mother load.
by Bachaus October 04, 2009
Motherload is one of the best flash games circulating on the Internet. Additionally Motherload is a valid excuse for taking the day off College, School, and Work etc.
Your friend - "Hey due why weren't you in School yesterday?"

You reply "Motherload"

The conversation ends there.
by Jasta111 November 21, 2007
The slurry excreted from a female when she has a massive period.
Wade: The girls were real bitches at tea tonight.

Ian: Must be the mother load.
by johnbarker November 01, 2004
the biggest, the best - nothing even compares to something that is the {motherload}
Why get those small breast implants, when you can get the motherload of all implants. Helps if you use the phrase "motherload of all..."

I got pelted with a motherload of potatoes.
by JillnJulie November 19, 2006
Where a person lays there hand flat, then the person jabs the ends of there fingers into a persons side quickly (between the armpit and the hip).
side jab
by RipJaw April 19, 2011