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A large quantity of something thats awesome!
Damn, youve got 50 Bud lights in your fridge.
Yeah dude its the Motherload.
by Nimsz January 30, 2010
Born in the call of duty series, the motherload is when a single player finds more then 3 enemy team mates all together at once. Throughout history, the motherload was a common way to describe finding a very large amount of something valuable. Motherloads are most commonly found in cod multiplayer online game types such as; team deathmatch, headquarters, domination, etc.
syco - omg dude i found the baby, that means the motherload can't be far behind!

el rey -omg there they are, there's 5 of them, i've found the motherloadddd!

*gets a multi-kill*
by el rey infared April 11, 2011