This word can you use in a funny situation
hehe man that is moths
by nahasalamapitila February 24, 2005
Someone who's trying to be Mod, but are still recovering from being Gothic.
Sammy likes the smiths, loves fishnet and vespas. he's so moth.
by The Jacob January 17, 2006
scared of moths balls
::rum swats at the moth::
by branio January 26, 2004
1.The worst thing God made besides spiders that can kill you. They fly around and land on u and u try to kill them but they just keep coming back.

2.Song by Audioslave on their third album "Revelations". Quite frankly one of the greatest songs by the greatest band with the greatest vocalist and the greatest guitarist.
1. Jack: Run theres a fucking moth the size of Zack De la Rochas dick flying around.

Bob: how do u know what the size of his dick is.

Jack: i came in and a rage fan was sucking his little wee wee. i ran. anyway what were we running from again?

2. Zack De La Rocha: Hey Tom wanna do a concert?
(Tom sits in corner crying)
by fuckallragefans October 23, 2007

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