1: Mark Of The HO. The Name of the now so common LOWER BACK Tattoo found on many young women. Commonly tribal work, flowers, butterflies, fairies, Etc. or a combination of the above.
2:The M.O.T.H. is also know at a TARGET, Or better yet a CUM target.
3: A good way of labeling young women as cookie cutter sheep that follow meaningless fashion trends. Example of these type of women are, all of the Spring Break girls, Girls gone wild girls, and of course Brittany Spears
"That skeez and all her friends have the MOTH."
"That girl Jim is dating looks Really nice and sweet. Yeah I would laugh my ass off if he finds out she has a MOTH"
by "NiNJa" CHris February 28, 2005
Shortened version of Mothra. Used as slang for Morphine, Diamorphine and Heroin.
"Do you wanna moth?"
by Emmainallnewflavour July 01, 2006
A lowlife real piece of shit that waits until your not at home and then sneaks into your clothes basket without even asking and starts gorging himself.

Someone that cant be trusted around linen.
Looks like mozz is at it again! What a moth!
by Randburg Trout February 25, 2011
The feeling commonly described as "butterflies" mixed with the warm and fuzzy feeling giving you a warm and fuzzy butterfly. a moth. When you are attracted to someone and they say something sweet the feeling you get is called moths!
Man! i wish i was talking to hannah right now! she always give me moths!
by CFBNIARW January 09, 2010
Broke. No money. As in moths in your wallet.
Scott: You coming bowling tonight?
Andy: I can't, man. I'm totally moths.
by Forgy G January 14, 2009
A miniature version of the monster, Mothra, that appeared in an old Godzilla movie. Although irritating, the common moth devastates curtains, not Japan.
Whinging Kid - "Ah! A moth!" <cry>
Sarcastic Parent that tells jokes too old for the kid to understand- " Quick! Call Godzilla!"
by bluntpencil2001 April 25, 2005
Moth. A substitute word for "bored". A word to use when "bored" doesn't quite describe how disinterested you are in whatever situation you're in.

It is to describe something that is increasingly wearingly dull.
"I'm going home because I'm moth"

"I'm so mothed right now"

"Sheeshas make me so unbelievably moth"
by Sickgirrlxx July 18, 2010

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