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The amount of love you have for someone when you love them more than they can even comprehend, :)
"I love you most" "Well I love you mostest"
by JohnlovesCasera April 13, 2013
A word that surpasses 'most'. Meaning the greatest amount possible.
I love you the mostest. (this would beat 'i love you most')
by Blondwyn May 01, 2006
more than moster
also more than most
I smoked the mostest weed of all the brothers at the par-tay
by yo mamma May 11, 2003
loving someone more than anything.
i love you the mostest.
by yourwestly May 16, 2011
A term coined to express an amount so great the word "most" just doesn't do it justice.

First used in relation to love... more specifically the love for a certain Cali girl.
I love Melina Lorenzo the mostest.
by Davey_aye October 07, 2010
The next level after best, can be used to win verbal arguments. Not technically a word (yet)
ali: i miss you
giancarlo: i miss you more
ali: i miss you most
giancarlo: i miss you mostest
by flipperdoodledandy November 14, 2011
A word used by illiterate young persons expressing an over exaggeration of an opinion or fact; to the greatest power of most
I love you the mostest!
I have the mostest jelly beans!
Jeremy gets the mostest action!
by RandomWordMaker December 29, 2010
A greater degree than most. A level that cannot be beat. For example, to like the mostest would be the ultimate level of liking that cannot be surpassed.
I love my sweet lil' Ebeth (aka Baby) the mostest and that is fact.
by tnp12 April 29, 2008