Potentially dangerous activity performed at concerts by fans of extreme punk bands or bands which play forms of pseudo-metal. A form of dancing characterised by varying degrees of violence towards fellow dancers. In other words, the dance of angry morons. Contrary to popular belief, TRUE metalheads don't mosh, they headbang and behave like relatively much more civilised humans. This is because TRUE metal bands {e.g. Olympos Mons, Doro, Black Majesty, Terasbetoni, Kaledon, Rhapsody Of Fire, Edenbridge} play ELEGANT music that can express every known human emotion, not just bleeding boring old anger, anger, more anger and yet MORE anger. Rant over.
'Great! There's some decent metal on at the Underworld tonight, none of those moshing arseholes around'.
by Lodestone September 13, 2009
Moshing is a form of dance that consists of two things:
1. Slight retardedness.
2. Red Bull.
That weird guy drank Red Bull and now hes moshing. Swinging around his arms and legs and hitting other people.
by Georgioz March 27, 2010
pple mosh to heavyish music that has a good storng beat.moshing involves body-slaming and shoving others into the middle of the group of pple.the best moshers are usually tall broad guys as they can be shoved by other tall broad guys without being sent flying.to see the best capture of moshing on tape watch the video to the song'Smells like teen spirit' by 'Nirvana'.watch the audience when there standing.the roughest part is actuall moshing. moshing sounds like a dangous and pointless activity but it is actually amazing for the pple in the moshpit.dont knock it till youve tried it
watch the music videos and go to a Bullet for my Valintine consert and you will get the idea
mosher - Wall of Death - circle pit
some music videos that show moshing are:
Smells like teen spirit-Nirvana
by pombear April 23, 2006
A form of expression that has been obscured by the media and pussified by society. True moshing is a release of all your anger and hate. Basically you beat the shit out of each other. However "hardcore" and "emo" people have managed to make moshing look like pussy shit to all those who dont know the truth. They just push each other. What the fuck is that shit.
True Metalhead to other true metalheads: Lets fuck shit up!!*chaos ensues*
Emo fag: Hey guys lets listen to Hawthorne Heights and push each other
Other emo fag: oh you mean moshing?
First emo fag: yea!
*true metalheads come and WREAK THEIR SHIT!*
by Darkpyre1 May 10, 2009
A bunch or people that push each other on the ground and or extreme pushing. Usually done by people that are two fat to dance, and don't want to put that kind of effort into anything. Usually have hair down to their shoulders parted right down the middle For head banging.
Dancer: So dude what do you listen to?
Mosher: Uhh Lamb Of Gob new JFAC stuff like that with no breakdowns.
Dancer: Oh really and you like moshing I'm guessing?
Mosher: Ya because dancing is gay and I like to fuck people up and punch people in the face when I mosh! That's why I go to shows duhh.
Dancer: It must be hard to mosh it takes a lot of practice huh?
Mosher: No I can only workout to long without eating something.
Dancer: Well you're gay learn to dance you fat fuck!
Mosher: I'm gonna kill you for that!
Dancer you'll have to catch me first.
by Winds Of Fucking Plague March 28, 2008
to jump up and down ; dance like no one is watching
will be found in action at a moshpit
by flint August 16, 2003
Jumping up and down hectically like you don't have a care in the world.
Usually found in action at moshpits.
by Kay July 11, 2003
An idiotic way for people to express themselves and/or look cool at punk or heavy metal concerts that can and has resulted in many deaths of other concert-goers. Usualy involves slamming bodies into each other or generally punching and kicking your fellow man in the face or other body parts
Low-IQ Metalhead: Dude, I totally paid good money to go see my favroite band last night, and instead of actually watching the band play their set, I decided to mosh the whole time!!

Blissfully oblivious person: What's moshing?

Low-IQ Metalhead: It's where you rub bodies violently with other sweaty concert goers instead of watching the band! Pretty fuckin hardcore huh!?
by Damien Richards July 30, 2006

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