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The brainchild and long-time web home of that lusty, kilt-wearing, hard drinking, sushi-sucking anti-hero, Karl Elvis.
Karl Elvis invented and was using the term "moronosphere" back before your balls even knew they could drop, son.
by strapless1 July 16, 2008
A layer of the atmosphere above the troposphere where the indigenous jet pilots live and breed. Often considered to be a region lacking in intelligence, and having unwarranted levels of testosterone.
"Meanwhile, beneath the moronosphere, helicopter pilots are doing real work."
by Heloguy September 09, 2012
The world of reality TV "stars". Where mediocracy is celebrated in entertainment.
I am not a fan of reality tv shows as I will not support the idiot lights of the Moronosphere
by justdug December 12, 2010
That sector of cyberspace which is home to the slack jawed troglodytes, knuckle draggers, and hopelessly reactionary among the world's netizens.
This forum has been infiltrated by the moronosphere.
by conor dowling March 08, 2007
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