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To make a moron out of a person or persons usually by pointing out their act of stupidity.

Synonymous to the net slangs "owned", "ownd", "pwnd", etc.

Past Tense moronized
The Yo Daddy's definition moronize "The act of makin someone (or something) a moron, one moron more on earth" ironically demonstrates moronizing a person due to the fact that the definition contains spelling mistakes, grammatical imperfection and lacks comprehensiveness.

The young adolescent tried to sound intelligent by fabricating facts online only to find himself victimized by other online peers who moronized him.

The fool awaits to be moronized for the obvious mistakes he carelessly made.
by Moronizing the world May 03, 2007
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The act of makin someone (or something) a moron, one moron more on earth

What happens to you when lookin at MTV
Bush moronizes all those American crackers with his retarded speech

My sister got moronized last night. She watched that Brad Pitt´s shit during 6 hours!
by Yo Daddy, bitch! February 10, 2005

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