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Doesn't really exist.
I want to watch some mormon porn!
by JimWoods November 17, 2007
219 80
The "happily-ever-after" wedding scenes in Disney movies.
My kid wanted me to go back and play the mormon porn in Beauty and the beast for the 57th time
by easterbunnykiller April 24, 2009
130 55
the art of photoshopping any picture with a foreground mask in a way that makes the background image appear pornographic in nature but is in fact totally innocent.
dude, we've made this image of Becki at the mall look totally dirrrty with some mormon porn photoshopping.
by Topper Bottom? September 05, 2010
85 19
A way of bypassing religious rules by adding circular bubbles on images of girls in bikinis. This will make them look naked.

see also nude bubbling
Can you bubble this image so I have some fresh mormon porn to watch?
by nude bubbling September 05, 2010
54 21

The act of placing "bubbles" over a picture of a person to create the illusion that he/she is naked. This kind of porn relies on imagination instead of nudity, making it safe for people of all ages and faiths.
I saw some summer pictures of you on Facebook and I decided to mormonporn them, and if I am filling in the blanks properly, you look fantastic naked.
by FreeMustacheRides July 29, 2011
12 5