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"A temple garment (also referred to as garments, or Mormon underwear)2 is a type of underwear worn by a vast majority of adherents of the Latter Day Saint movement, after they have taken part in the Endowment ceremony. Garments are worn both day and night and are required for any previously endowed adult to enter a temple.3 The undergarments are viewed as a symbolic reminder of the covenants made in temple ceremonies and are seen as either a symbolic or literal source of protection from the evils of the world.4"

Hilarious right? Yea, they are now 'mormin-shmormins'. Because it reflects how utterly ridiculous it actually is to have special pants to keep out the penis/vagina demons! :O
Hey, you look pretty sexy in those mormin-shmormins.
by MrImportant September 30, 2012
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