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Commonly used as a reference to a hot german male. Moritz is also used to describe a male who is highly intelligent and extremely kind; somewhat mischievous and very fun; the kind of man girls always want to be around and is most likely a great dancer, loves a good beat and is probably a good kisser
Wow wish he was here, that guy is such a Moritz
by kialani September 23, 2011
The most awesomely awesome person there is.
guy: Do you know Moritz is coming to the party?

girl: yes, thank god, its gonna be legendary!!!
by GuyOfAwesomeness November 23, 2011
A sexy, yet slightly retarded, German male. May or may not have a speech impediment. Also, sometimes known to have a very sexy and intelligent roommate. It's natural habitat is Canadian boarding schools.
"Man, have you seen that sweet moritz at SJR?"

"No, but i've met his roommate. He's freakin' awesome!"

by nejtag15 March 04, 2009
A little German cunt who has white eyes and black pupils. He often stalks on little girls and enjoys touching boys. He cannot handle his alcohol.
A: Is that Moritz?
B: Yes, you can tell by his small penis.
by D-Rizzlezz October 30, 2011

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