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also known as morgeeeene, mor-G, morgie orgy. aka the hottest thing everrrr.
every boy falls for her; she can get ANYONE
oh my god. did you see morganne? wow, i'm in LOVE!
by QUANTLY August 23, 2008
A great friend, one to surely make one laugh. But, if you,
A(Say, "Hey, Little Girl" right behind her head,
B(Piss Her Off, or,
C(Call her 'cute',

she will bash your skull in on reflex.

She can easily make you laugh or make you a friend.

Not one to do A, B, or C to unless you want to have your head be a bashed egg.
Watch out, Morganne's coming!

Relax, she makes a great friend once you talk nicely.

Hey, thanks!
by CC-1138 August 08, 2012