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A short "p-i-m-p" who "rules th bbal court and is Stalked by El Diablo
Help th Morey fend off the devil
by MAx December 16, 2003
Someone who has either a mullet or no pants.
Example 1: Check out that guy, his lack of pants makes him look much like a morey.

Example 2: What a dirty mullet...well, its not nearly as dirty as a morey's.
by wain kerr August 20, 2005
a man with a mullet
that guys got such a big mullet he must be a morey
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
it is either a man with with a mullet who sucks other guys dicks or just a guy who sucks dicks
hey bryce look at yourself your a fucking morey bitch
by Melvin Ferano October 04, 2007