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a mushroom... looks like a dick mushroom. funny funny
That looks like a morel. Eat it.
by Angel May 01, 2004
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A morel is a beautiful person, inside and out, who is very funny and cheerful to be with. Also, they try to put on curry accents but fail terribly.
*Does something nice for you*
"Aw you're such a morel!"
by jungeeboy March 13, 2012
Born in Kent, 19th century. Lived all his life in England but took several trips to Russia where he met -to become close friends- Dostojewski. Stories say that the two sometimes stayed a week in Dostojewski's dark cellar to philosophe about mankind. Morel had a great deal in Dostojewski famous novel; Memories from the underground. Alltough Morel always prefered to stay infamous.
- You're almost as innovative as the Morel
by hofman April 10, 2004

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