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the orgasm which follows the first in a multiorgasmic woman
My girlfriend was having one moregasm after another.
by CB Smith October 26, 2004
The period of intense arousal that comes with realizing that there is more of a given food item available than previously thought.
Ben: "What took you so long at White Castle last night. You were there for ever."

Jimmy: "Dude, I had the craziest moregasm when I realized I had enough money for another burger."

by Phi Slamma Jamma March 13, 2008
When a girl is having an extreme orgasm and keeps asking for more.
Oh Johny give me more! I want to have a moregasm!!
by imnotme January 20, 2010
When two gay men are having sex and another gay man walks in at the same time and says , "Room for one more?" and the other two reply, very flamboyantly, "Moregasm!"
by Schilchus January 28, 2011