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Literally means TO BITE. Bribery as noun and verb, in Mexico, and mostly in Mexico City. Easiest way-out when a cop pulls you over for any kind of reason. Applicable at any circumstance when the biter wants to be favored by any authority. While the term as noun is clearly represented in any given amount of money, it is not very clear who is the 'biter' and who 'gets bitten' between the briber and the one who receives the bribe.
El policía me detuvo, pero le di una mordida "The cop pulled me over, but I bited him off."
El trámite iba lento, pero lo arreglé a mordidas. "The licence proceeding was moving so slow, but I bited the guy and I am already on business."
#bribery #to bribe #way out #faclitate #favor
by Carlos Pimentel June 25, 2008
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