1. a female in the Coast Guard that is promiscuous with the males at her unit.
Yeah, BM3 Smith is the boat's morale gear.
by theunknowngl October 16, 2004
Top Definition
Noun. Coined by the U.S. Coast Guard, refers to any female, particularly ones stationed on cutters, who are scandalous by nature and promiscuous with the male enlisted. As for civilian morale gear, these are females who make it a point to be sexually involved with male enlisted U.S.C.G.'s, even "making rounds through the unit". The better the morale gear the higher the rate. MG3 is sub-par. MG2 is good. MG1 is smokin' hot.
GM2 Johnson is hooking up with some morale gear, nasty MG3, she's been with half the crew already.
by USS Lady Red September 01, 2007
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