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Mop Boy – Noun: Derogatory slang used to describe the loser working at a porn shop that has video viewing rooms where degenerates beat off and splooge on the floor which must be mopped up right away before drying and staining the floor.
Poor Matt heard the 2 college students say “Hey, Mop Boy, rooms 1 & 2 need cleaning, you better hurry before the cum dries and stains the floor” as the college students left the store laughing.
by Giggles T. Clown September 20, 2014
probaly the most hottest breed of guys in the world!
it refers to guys who have long straight hair, from shoulder length down, thus the "mop" style. looks like it has been straightened all the time. looks horendous when wet to "normal people", but extremly sexy to "desperado' s". common vitims are skaters. often misinterperated for females, especially looking from behind. desperate girls seem to fall for them and stalk them.
"OMG, mopboy is so HOT" exclaimes Jill
*sigh* from gina
ally throws a brick in jill's face
by JILLYAN March 26, 2008

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