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something that is very cool. or very like the man. Can be used to discribe someone who is perfict too.
Dang, max is the total moox here at this party. oh, that dress is moox. This place is moox.
by max alaspa May 08, 2007
when something is so rubbish its beyond words, so you use this one!

It was made up when sum1 said they looked like moose, but another person (called Box) said what the hell is Moox?
"Maths Is SO...Moox"


"My Hair is all moox 2day"
by EJ K May 13, 2007
A dog worshiped by a very small group of retarded 13 year olds in a small town called Port Alberni. According to one Moox fanatic, the world would end when Moox turned the age of three.
Holy shit it's Moox, I can feel his power radiating through the air.
by LulzFaceMcDog October 07, 2011
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