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The term "moot cute" applies when you have an attractive person in your life with whom you have no romantic or sexual relationship. You typically use this phrase as a response to someone's inquiry as to why you're not involved with that individual in an intimate and/or physical way. The reason you're not involved with this "cute" person is because it's "moot." In other words, the person has other commitments, mental issues, or is of a different sexual persuasion.
Tim: Yo, Billy! That chick Sally is SMOKIN'! Why aren't you nailin' her?
Billy: Aw, shucks man, Sally's moot cute. She's crazy, and she's about to move to New York.

Rachel: OMG Amanda, who is that guy Tim I saw you having dinner with? He's so chiseled! Is he your latest man?
Amanda: Ha! Moot cute. Tim's gay.

Bill: Man - who was that babe who gave the speech at your bday party? And why wasn't she your birthday present, if you know what I mean??
Phil: Dude, moot cute. That was my cousin. And we're not from West Virginia, if you know what I mean...
by wolverleen March 16, 2010
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