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hello this is kimberley and here are some of the definitions of mooshkin.

1) a proclomation of feeling i.e anger, happiness, depression etc

2) an insult or name of affection

3) oddities assosiated with me

4) a word to use when youve forgotten the proper name for something.
1) :O!!!! MOOSHKIN!!!

2) you are such a mooshkin

3) ahhh, tis just a little mooshkinism.

4) yea just use that mooshkin over there.

heres an example of me using all definitions of mooshkin in one time:

hey mooshkin go get me one of them mooshkins so i can *stubs toe* OH MOOSHKIN! oh, sorry, just a little mooshkinism.
by :poisonedheart: January 14, 2004
a word kimberley made up and nobody knows, or ever will know what it means.
hehahehahehaheha MOOSHKIN!
by meeeeeeeeeeeee January 12, 2004
A variation on the word "munchkin", mixed with some part of "cute". Small and cute.
" What a darling little Mooshkin"
by MeisterE September 25, 2015
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