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David is the kind of friend you never want to lose. Although slightly cocky, he always makes people smile because of his smile and knows how to cheer people up and what to say to make you feel better. He's always positive and sees the good in everything. He's extremely fun to be around even though he believes he is god which he is not. He's smart and funny and really tall. If he cares about something or someone he'll care more than anyone in the world and not give up on it/him/her no matter what. He keeps secrets really well, which is extremely annoying when you want to know something but it means he's loyal and trustworthy. He's also impossible to argue with because he refuses to give in even when he knows he's wrong. Oh and he has the best turtle face ever. And he should really speak scottish one time. :D
I really miss david, david is weird, david the turtle
by Meeeeeeeeeeeee December 07, 2012
shittin - crappin - (like wen ur in deep shit)
wen that cop cort me i was fuckin brikin maself
by meeeeeeeeeeeee February 23, 2005
1- a proclomation of happiness or anger which generally concerns something stupid Greg did.

2- a pair of socks that were well darned. preferably over the knee stripey toe socks. they rock.

3- a place called welldarn in cheesecake land.
(1)well darn it greggle you'se dawn it again (followed by killing greg)

(2)naw them sockies are well darneded!

(3)i liyve in welldarn!
by meeeeeeeeeeeee January 12, 2004
a word kimberley made up and nobody knows, or ever will know what it means.
hehahehahehaheha MOOSHKIN!
by meeeeeeeeeeeee January 12, 2004

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