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1. (n)hybrid between a cow and a pig with a distinct mating call or sound "Moooink mooink moooink" also snorting on occassion, created to monopolize the fast food industry by revolutionizing the bacon cheeseburger
2. (n)A person who has a carefree attitude and unique personality with a vivid imagination, always trying to have a good time containing lots of giggles, never afraid of making a fool of themseleves, loves a good party
by Pupward May 13, 2005
A mythical creature resulting from the cross of a moomin and divine intervention which gives them wings. Not a pig. They are beautifully forlorn creatures that are seen flying across the sky in moments of unbearable boredom or tedious essay writing.
"Oh moopigs, I forgot to save my essay." or

Bobby: Hey are you going out tonight? "
Michelle: No, I'm sick.
Bobby: Gutted.
Michelle: Moopigs indeed.
by mili April 14, 2006
its a hybrid between a pig and a cow, scientists still dont know how this happened
moopig goes moink moink!
by Marth February 07, 2005
Category Culinary:
Friends, Fowls, Romans, Texans, countrymen -- truth is stranger than fiction:
On the menu in the past era of Roman Peace -- Pax Romana --Romans would stuff a Chicken with a Duck, a Goose with the stuffed chicken --and stuff a Pig with the three nested fowls.
Then what? Of course the Pig was stuffed in a Cow. This was cooked over the pit, and well, there you have the link that connects MooPig with the days of Jesus, by way of LBJ.

It's called Barbecue! Manjiare! >>pd
Soon to be featured at all Global Strip Centers around the world, MooPig will fill the bellies of patrons.
by MooPig August 26, 2007
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