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A place where sex, booze, and debauchery come together.
One night of passion (at the moontower)
by Matt Almighty March 25, 2007
23 4
An open field in Bow Tree where the Class of 2008 from W.C. East goes to hang out and drink and smoke. Theres a fire pit in the center and you have to go through the woods to get to it.
Party at the Moon Tower tonight.
by a junior at W.C. East June 15, 2007
5 4
To get soo high that you can't even walk any more. This is even higher than "cloud 9" You can get this high by smoking multi bong rips, smoking 3rd generation roaches, ect....
"ooohhh man i was at the moon tower last night...couldn't even see!"
by EstavonG February 05, 2008
7 7