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1. An excrement that feels particularly unclean, resulting in a piece of shit that hangs off the ass unknowingly to the owner. Usually found after wiping.

<Origin: bef. 900; ME moneshite, OE moonashiten; c. OHG moonoscite, ON mooniskizan, Goth menascheissen;>

- Discovered well before the first century, the term moonshit was thought to be named for its orb or crescent like appearance and it's ability to float seemingly in air. From Gothic origin, the term became popular in America in the early 1920's. Since then, although rarely used in civilized conversation, the term is occasionally brought up when appropriate.
After James finished wiping his ass he found moonshit.
Good thing he caught it before he pulled up his pants.
by Ian Kerr April 12, 2007
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You know, when you have to take a dump really bad and you just barely make it to the toilet; pulling your pants down and there is no sit and wait, rather there is an immediate discharge of a giant ball of feces much like the shape of the moon including detailed craters.
We heard Johny in the bathroom, there was but one grunt and an incredibly loud audible plop. Thinking it was cool he said, "Dudes, I just took a moon shit!"
by XJ45-2 January 31, 2011
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