n.1. a skinhead who listens to ska
2. a n enthusiastic ska listener, who often sympathize with the punk community. This term was made famous by the Punk/Ska band Rancid in their song "Roots Radicals" off of the album "And Out Come the Wolves"
I went to the concert, but the band that opened played ska so there were a ton of moonstompers raising hell throughout the show.
by j-millz May 09, 2006
Top Definition
Someone who listens to ska music.
"All the punk rockers, and the moon stompers, were out on the corners where they were sparing for change."

by your mother July 08, 2003
coolest fucking people in the world!! Moon Stompers are ska heads!
All the moon stompers headed down to the show where they skanked the night away!
by ryan April 25, 2004
1. Someone who listens to ska mausic.
The moon stompers decided to get drunk at the ska show.
by Angie B. May 26, 2006
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