Chubby girls who are the only ones left at a bar or club at 3 a.m
Brian:"Dude I was so wasted last night i totally hooked up with a moon pig and by the end of the night she was screaming pig latin"

Marcel:"Dude thats fucking gross"
by The Shitztigators September 22, 2010
A woman so ugly she appears to have been conceived by two hogs under the light of a silvery moon.
She's worse than a moped, she's a moon pig.
by BabyJesusCries November 02, 2010
A large or oversized female.

Somebody who eats alot.
My god...your such a moonpig!
by Baby DJ February 25, 2010
A pig that lives on the moon
It's a moon pig and it lives on the moon. What more do you want?
by Le Petit Lis February 25, 2008
A big ginger bird often found in a Docwra nest
by Big steve October 10, 2003
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