the act of being rediculously pro/good looking at the game of counterstrike
moon be gettin that money, fools a nut.
by anomaWALL April 21, 2009
to welch on a bet
You ever get paid on that bet?

Nah man, I got mooned by that fag.
by sjandb October 21, 2008
to make a bet, shake on it, and then refuse to pay when you lose the bet
Joe - Did you win that bet?

Adam - Yeah, but I never got paid because the dude pulled a moon on me.
by Burned to a crisp October 06, 2008
used by Navan/Meath people (Co Meath, Eire ). Meaning crazy, or used to portray astonishment.
That fella's moon - that guy's crazy!
Thats moon - thats amazing!
by shakey hand dancer March 09, 2005
something unpleasant that may cause you to giggle or may become an inside joke.
The moon shines bright...

And shows up especially...

In the right light...

But no one needs to see the moon...

Not because it's so white...

But because no one needs to know...

What the moon did that night.
by The Moon February 07, 2005
A word used for an ounce of any powder drug.
I got a moon of tweak for just over 2 bills.
by jodgg December 10, 2004
a mother who annoys you til your death, smokes weed 24-7, makes ur bed when you're 21, pretend to go to work just so u can't have the car, cares more for your pet turtle than her kids, has OCD, and refuses to leave the hizzouse...unless its to riccardos
Basically, ruins everything good
"Hey, Hipster, wanna go meet the man of your dreams?? he wants to marry you in Vegas and live in Cali for the rest of your lives, and he says u never have to work!"
"oh ya know what, i cant, Moon has the car...."
by yup March 28, 2003

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