(n.) a natural sattelite of the earth, made of cheese.

(v.) The act of going on stage at an astronomy convention, pulling down your trousers, opening your 'cheeks' and saying

"hows this for a black hole?"
Mooning a hardware store will result in a broomstick being forcibly placed in your anus by the manager.
by kung-fu jesus September 07, 2004
Other than its use as a noun (our moon) and a verb (to moon someone), 'moon' can be used as a way to say goodbye. It is short for "See you on the moon", a pseudo-common way to say goodbye.
Tim: Alright man, I have to leave.
Eric: Ok, we'll see you.
Tim: Yep, moon.
by Timmy Sanders December 09, 2007
Somebody who has a perfectly round head
Kieran Allsop=moon
by Andrew Pitcher January 21, 2009
Verb (informal), used with or without an object: to consider or to think about; to mull

Note: may be used actively or passively.
Jack (to Marie): Are you down in the dumps for what happened?

Marie: Not at all. In fact, I don't want to moon it.
by dajo10 August 17, 2010
years, used in the bay area aka the yay area
i've known my man devin for many moons
by Sonny Black aka stic boi July 23, 2006
Slang/Cockney term for the '(JD) Wetherspoon' pub chain.
Cheeky pint at the moons tonight?
by Casanovaaa September 21, 2010
A complete idiot who messes up all the time, someone who has lack of common sense and are oblivious to the world around them. A moon is a complete fuck up.
"I met that kid once, biggest moon ever" "Oh come on you fucking moon, you fucked over the fax machine, you mooned it big time man" "I've never met a man that mooned as hard as him, he was a huge fuckin luna"
by Una Luna November 19, 2014
to welch on a bet
You ever get paid on that bet?

Nah man, I got mooned by that fag.
by sjandb October 21, 2008

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