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Usually during a musical performance when the moogist, more commonly a keyboardist, will do a handstand on his/her moog/keyboard. Made popular by Jesse Johnson of Motion City Soundtrack
*at a mcs concert*
kid 1: dude!!! did you just see that guy do a handstand on his keyboard!!!
kid 2: yeah dud that was a moogstand! he does that alot its sweet...also its a moog not a keyboard way cooler
by bobbobbbobbobbb August 20, 2006
An arabic word to describe the act of oral sex between a infant and a large silver back gorilla. After which the baby is killed by choking on the powerful stream of ejaculate
Check out that silver back gorilla getting a sick moogstand from that baby

Holy that baby gives a great moogstand

by URap3Ch1Ldr3n February 09, 2009

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