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Moobles: Utters or breasts on a male cow.

As seen in the movie At the barn yard where the bull has utters instead of his normal equipment.
"Wait does that bull have utters?"

"Those would be moobles Tim"
by benjamin33 April 04, 2009
also known as “Meester” Moobles, a Moobles is a person who is often freakishly tall, dark curly hair, and plays the bass guitar inexplicably well. A Moobles is a fan of Heavy Metal, but would choose classical music any day. Moobleses are known to become heavily addicted to online games. Moobleses are indiginous to highschools in Maine, though can also be found on any roadway labeled "Lupine Drive".
look at that tall dude with the bass. he's gotta be a moobles.
by Cullan W. October 23, 2006
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