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baby wants moo moo
by preslik23 August 18, 2008
50 159
a small to medium sized dog that has fur that resembles that of a cow
your dog looks like a minature cow. yeah i know she's my "moo moo"
by invadergirl March 20, 2009
37 148
When a cock and a cunt come together, the juices produced are called moo moo.
After i fucked that bitch, i spilled the moo moo all over the floor.
by Philbert22222 May 30, 2007
58 219
1) What some people call a mother
2) When a cow speaks twice MOO and MOO
Moo Moo fuck off..I HATE YOU..

in context of a mother and daughter/son
by rina... December 31, 2003
69 233
Commonly used by adolescent females in reference to, or as a nickname for the vagina. This term is more commonly used in the southern regions of the USA.
"Mommy, my moo moo burns."
by Angelic_Sherry September 21, 2005
66 232