a chevrolet monte carlo
i got the monte painted flip flop fukin blue
by sherlock edwards March 05, 2008
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Something that is super cool or awesome.
That party last night was MONTE!! There were so many hot babes it was a lot of fun.
by shockey1489 October 26, 2009
of superior quality.
That girl is sooo monte.
by one pin bun March 09, 2005
A man of great character and depth with the ability to make the sun shine through the darkest clouds. Friendship and integredy run through his veins and truth and comfort are the gifts he shares - always and without exception. If you need something to you can count on, you need a Monte.
by camping2 February 02, 2010
A man usually with a penis sizing from 9-15in long, Monte can out-size everyone in the West Coast
Is a sex master and can make a girl cry with his mind, the girl is crying because she remembers the deep dick in her pussy like it was yesterday.He will ravish a snatch in a heartbeat.
Hey did you see that guy at the beach a second ago... his penis was almost as big as Monte's is.
by Jizzmaster123 December 03, 2010
It means Mountains, Forest, lots of Trees
lets go have a picnic in those montes
by GAMMAG November 02, 2006
A self pretentious dick. A person who annoys most people. A person who is easy to upset. A person who hits women.
Monte is one of the most crazy people Janet knows
by James handler November 17, 2014
a fit black person
corrina: yo hes monte
jess: sure is wud u?;)
corrina:hell yeah in the anul!
by corrinas November 29, 2011

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