Useless, insanely overpriced, mediocre quality brand of AV cables. Audiophiles, with their usual tendency to suspend all reason and common sense, spend hundreds of dollars on them but cannot tell the difference between Monster Cables and coat hanger wire. Famous for selling gold-plated fiber-optic cables, which further demonstrate their customers' astounding lack of actual scientific knowledge.
Who on earth would pay $485 for a wooden volume knob? Oh yeah, the same idiots who pay $100 for a six foot HDMI link from Monster Cables.
by Texas Dex June 13, 2008
Top Definition
Outrageously over-priced audio and video cables found at many electronic stores such as Best-Buy and Futureshop... Salesman convince you that you need these for the ultimate home theatre experience
why the hell would somebody pay 300$ for a 14' 3 pair rca monster cable
by Dan0627 May 24, 2005
Monster cables are the single best cable on earth. They are not overpriced and make a huge difference on your TV. They are the cure for cancer and they also ended nick lachey and jessica simpsons relationship.
man, did you download those new monster cables yet?
by BRIANHANSEN May 24, 2006
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