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A variation on the classic boilermaker using Monster energy drink and vodka. Pour 4 oz of monster into a highball or bomb glass, drop in a shot of vodka, and enjoy.

What the reverse monster bomb is based off of.
Let's do some monster bombs before hitting the bars.
by Corey Dunn January 03, 2008
Similar to a jager bomb, but instead of redbull you use monster. Twice the taste and twice the energy.
Friend 1-"Dude, let's do some jager bombs!"
Friend 2-"Fuck jager bombs! Let's do some monster bombs!"
Friend 1-"Fuck yeah!"
by Lankapoo February 20, 2011
Approx: 1 cup of Monster Energy Drink and 1 shot of Burnett's Sour Apple Vodka. Bombs Away!
Those Monster Bombs wrecked me last night.
by Lucille Ballz January 19, 2011
Where you put a shit load of Pixy Sticks into a wine glass, all assorted flavors and colors. Then pour Monster energy drink into the glass and drink it quickly.
Dude what are your pouring into that wine glass?" "Monster and Pixy sticks, its a Monster Bomb
by Elphee Greystone November 07, 2010
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