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monoko mon-o-ko. noun, verb.

1. An object whose good luck will become yours if you rub it.
2. Ripoff of monukoru boo.
3. A spammer with a particular interest in the word 'ok'.
4. A person with a skype name of gymnastics living in Australia.
You can use the term 'monoko' in common tongue as it is a very versatile word. For example,

1. "yo jason let's rank now, i rubbed monoko's face today".
2. "ew, that thing is so monoko".
3. I can't see anything you just said before. The anonymous user liked his or her role of being a monoko, spamming "ok" in the chat.
4. Why does it say that monoko lives in Australia?
by vulturebike October 03, 2011

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