Salvadorean term for young boy. could also be used "mona" for girl
Ese mono esta jodiendo.
by YOYOGIZZLE June 11, 2010
It's also Spanish for 'monkey'. The female is 'mona'.
Mira ese tipo, Se parece un jodio mono
by El Lobito Triste June 06, 2005
To be angry.
(because when you're angry you frown and get a mono-brow)
He was getting mono... etc
by Charlotte Lord February 22, 2009
when a user of pokemon is challenged to beat the entire game with one type of pokemon
Guy 1: Hey dude i challenge you to do a Mono water on leafgreen
Guy 2: Ok i will record it and put it on youtube

This means Guy 2 has to beat all of leaf green with water types
by Thomas Berkun August 09, 2008
a sickness usually spread by kissing, but NOT always, and it is when you have an overlarged liver. you shouldnt do physical activity, and its contagious.
i cant have sex, i have mono.
by kelly margaret April 11, 2006
a retarded website full of elmer davey chats. Also used to describe a small social backwater.
mono is full of elmer darcy coolsie chats.

I went to Ding Dong the other night. It was completely mono.
by pungentegg February 18, 2004
a dance that came from tha ST.LOuis club called tha monostery.
Look at dat gurl ova thurr doin tha mono.
by B- Dub October 06, 2003

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