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Rectum. (Damn near killed 'em!)
No one should ever have a dildo the size of a zucchini crammed into her monkey-hole.
by quonsar the magnificent November 09, 2003
A monkey's asshole. Used for insults and lack of come backs.
*see monkeybone
*see suck monkeyhole

Came into use when a girl got tired of your mom, your face, and monkeybone come backs.
bob: You are a motley fool.
girl: Suck monkeyhole!

(It's technically impossible to suck a monkey's asshole, so don't actually attempt it. The phrase "suck monkeyhole" is said to someone that is so full of shit, that they should go suck the shit out of a monkey's asshole to keep a steady supply.)
by Pitoyable May 09, 2005

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